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    For the job seeker and career changer, here is the content-rich, process focused insights for finding work and staying employable in the 21st century.  All EaRN  Affiliate organizations have access to the complete library of resources, and they can give access to this treasure chest of articles, exercises and worksheets to any job seeker or career changer they're serving.


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    In each of the three categories, there are topics containing multiple tips and insights to:

    • assist those looking for work and/or making career transitions listed in the order optimally used (the first box)--Career Planning, Work Search (job hunting) Skills, and Networking,
    • the 'nuts, bolts and processes' for efficiently managing an EaRN   ministry box--EaRN  Ministry Roles and Processes, and
    • resources for helping volunteers gain insight and skills in developing and maintaining good relationships with those they are serving--Coaching, Counsel and Discipleship.


    These categories will give you a taste of what is provided to job seekers and career changers in our EaRN  Affiliate organizations.

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                                 Ed Dahlquist, Manufacturing Executive


    Board members talk about EaRN ministry


             Randall Hekman, JD, Ministry Executive and former Board member



    EaRNSM  ministry volunteers and the job seekers and career changers they are serving have full access to every article in the Knowledge Library.

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