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Golden Rule Networking

Are you beginning your work search, looking to expand your current network, or searching for talent for your team?

The key for us all are relationships–the rungs of the ladder to success, and to being a vital member of your community.  Focused on building relationships, not mere transactions, networking is the powerful tactic to find work, to find talent, and to expand the success of your own career or your organization.

Using Golden Rule Networking you will build friendships that will have your back when things get tough, people who will keep you motivated, and to bounce off your ideas with. When you focus on how you can help others, the opportunities will come.

NetWork 2 NewWork is a committed group of professionals who not only provide events to network at but also provide presentations to help you introduce you to networking and to master techniques that will give you confidence.

Our bi-monthly events (January, March, May, July, September and November) include presentations by West Michiganders who offer information not only on the basics of networking, but also using social media, interviewing, working with recruiters, and finding opportunities for informational interviews.  These presentations are “bookended” by continued orchestrated networking and conversation.

  • “During my transition to West Michigan, NW2NW provided me with the skills and confidence to network which led to successfully finding employment. I am grateful for the opportunity. ”  – Caryn MacDonald
  • “NW2NW is unique among networking events as it not only provides an opportunity to network but also teaches you how to do it effectively.”  -Tom Tock
  • “NW2NW has successfully brought a lot of professionals together at a crucial point in their careers. I highly recommend it for growing your network, learning and paying it forward.” – Meg Sznaza Mathis

The bottom line is that people want to network, build relationships and do business with people they know and trust.  Our “Golden Rule Networking” can help you become that person for many people, and yourself. Beyond friendships and opportunities, “paying forward” you will build mutually beneficial relationships you can trust to provide you with advice and the contacts you need to help you achieve your goals.  Your network can promote you and your services or products to the people they know.

Your network can help you with practical advice in small and big things.   Why?  Because you have proven you are willing to do the same thing for them.  That’s why the most important question you can ask someone you meet is, “How can I help you?”  Do for others as you’d have them do for you (Jesus’ words from the Gospel of Matthew 7:12).

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