Unique and effective employment resources.

Helping you find work, stay employable and sustain your career.

EaRN  Employment and Resource Network is a pioneering community service ministry helping people find work and stay employable with networking events ("NetWork 2 NewWork"), career and job transition support groups ("Work Search Roundtables" ), web-based resources, and one-on-one coaching and counsel.


If you are "in-transition", as we call it--considering or making a career change, or looking for new work--and you'd like to gain access to the resources on the website, contact us through the phone number or email address below.  We'll connect you to an EaRN initiative nearby.  Or maybe we can assist you in starting one to help yourself and others.


EaRN is  also helping sustain non-profit organizations and ministries with...

  • a non-denominational, distinctively Christian, ready-to-use resource-rich materials and training for congregations, ministries, non-profits and the career changers and job seekers they serve...
  • using unique career discovery, planning and job search tools and programs (job clubs, coaching one-on-one and in groups, and networking events and strategies)...
  • while strengthening people's connection to community through discovery of their vocation.


Learn more about EaRN Explore this website.  Or give us a call at (6 1 6) 5 2 8 - 0 4 4 3  (we're in the US Eastern time zone).  You can also email us at ksoper @ 




You can also help others right where you are...


Do tell others what you've discovered here--others looking to change careers, those seeking new work, or faith and other community leaders seeking to help sustain their communities, congregation and/or ministry.  Doing so could make a huge difference in your life and in lives of others in your community. 


If you've got questions the website didn't answer, then call us at (6 1 6) 5 2 8 - 0 4 4 3  or email ksoper (a)  We'll get back to you promptly.


THANK YOU for helping others find work and stay employable, "doing for others as you would have them do for you" (Jesus' embodied instruction from the gospel of Matthew 7:12).



If you are among the growing number of people who have already been helped by an EaRN  supported ministry, please consider giving financially to help sustain EaRN.  Doing so will help EaRN continue to help folks like YOU in your local community.


Here's the link to our current crowdfunding effort:


Your financial gift helps the EaRN's model and commitment move ahead to become a self-sustaining ministry.  EaRN is a 501c3 non-profit, so your contribution can be deducted when filing your taxes; we are happy to provide you a receipt.  Make checks out to "EaRN" with a note on the memo section "Donation - please send receipt" and mail to: EaRN, c/o 6918 Glen Creek Dr SE, Caledonia, Michigan 49316-9134.