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What constitutes a "good" job?


Everyone wants a good job right?  Who wouldn't?  But defining what 'good' is can be more than straight forward.


Usually when pressed to define what a 'good' job looks like, most of us would probably say the 'magic' word: benefits.  Unfortunately, many employers are trying to get work done without providing 'benefits' beyond wages.


Another 'benefit' we may often overlook is health and the impact on one's life and work of situations inherent in our work that aren't healthy. recently published a list of worst, best and 'best & worst' work assignments.  Is the work you've done, or the work your seeking on these lists?  Take a look. What do you think?  I think I see a 'theme', suggesting that work which permits (in most cases) a lot of freedom or a fair amount of security, or both, are the healthiest.


Desk jockey
Firefighter/Police officer
Manual laborer
Healthcare shift workers
Service and retail employees
Enlisted soldier
Transportation workers

Fitness instructor
Software engineer
Insurance workers
Allied health professional
Government employees
Administrative assistant
Small business employee

Freelancer/self-employed worker
Corporate executive

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