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Learning to Trust God's Time in Your Transition


God is not bound by probability. Or as Albert Einstein put it, "God doesn't play dice." He exercises providential oversight in our lives that vastly exceeds our awareness.  …And his timing is never off.  ...from time to time God gives us a window on his broader and more mysterious work in our lives. He wants us to know that his timing is always perfect, in every aspect of our experience, even when we've "made a mess of it".


We instinctively mistrust the timing of God, and this lack of trust accounts for much of our anxiety. Yet, for the Christian believer a close look at our experience shows how flawless his timing actually is. With the benefit of hindsight, we often recognize how remarkably advantageous his timing has been in the events of our lives.


If we are to enjoy the benefits of God's timing in our lives, we need to give to him something for which there is no other substitute: time.  Now that we're in the Advent season and with the Christmas holidays approaching, … set aside some generous time for being alone with Christ and gaining his perspective on your life. And resolve to make this your priority in the year ahead--to spend at least a few minutes daily listening to Christ and giving him the freedom to guide your decisions, including your career or job transition.


[Excerpted and adapted from “God's Timing” by Blaine Smith by Ken Soper]

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