Unique and effective employment resources.

Unique, Innovative Features and Benefits

The EaRN Rich Set of Features

  • Downloadable training and operations manual (24+ clock hours of training materials and exercises), includes all forms, processes, procedures and reproducible documents to operate a one-on-one and small group ministry to those in job and career transition.
  • Downloadable vocational discovery, career planning, job search, networking, and relationship building materials, including effective, one-of-a-kind and easy-to-use assessments, for use with volunteers and those in transition.
  • A robust website of resources, including a networking function to help EaRN  Affiliates collaborate and coordinate ministry, an innovative job seeker-to-employer matching system, and work search and career planning insight from one of the first National Career Development Association-recognized Master Career Counselors, Ken Soper, MA, MDiv.
  • Access monthly to consulting available to advise EaRN  Affiliates on ministry implementation and operations.

Benefits to your church and job seekers & career changers

  • An easy-to-implement, full-featured career, work search and vocational discovery ministry with just a handful of volunteers--in a configuration that fits your ministry and your community's needs.
  • Tested techniques and strategies for empowering faith-based outreach, witness and career and job search ministry sustainability.
  • An immediate connection to other EaRN  ministries and supportive consulting services.
  • Cost-effective and affordable to even small organizations, congregations or small groups.
  • Web-based, easily downloaded materials.
  • Website access for all volunteers and those looking for work or changing careers.
  • Help people learn how to discover the concept of one's true calling, that "vocation defines career".

For More Information To...

  • Learn more of what EaRN is and what you receive as an EaRN Affiliate, download the EaRN  brochure.  Click here.
  • Download the Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers, click here.
  • See samples of what is available in our EaRN  Operations and Training Manual, click on the topic of your choice below:

Table of Contents


Caring in the Midst of Crisis

Communication Barriers

Facilitating Change


Instilling Hope



Trials in Life

Cover Letters



  • Learn more about the library of Articles (and unique exercises) EaRN has developed to help people find work and stay employable by going to the Articles section of the website.



Explore becoming an EaRN  Affiliate


  • Find the "SWOT Your Ministry" worksheet on the Become An Affiliate page of the website to see just how well an EaRN  Affiliate ministry can fit into and help sustain church and other ministries.


  • For a suggested agenda for an Exploratory Information Meeting you can schedule today to consider becoming a new EaRN  Affiliate Organization, click here.