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And the winner again--Networking!


Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler, co-founders CareerXroads recently posted their 10th Annual CareerXroads Source of Hire (SOH) Report (March 2011).  They reported that "With all the effort and money chasing prospects [i.e. prospective employees], the time invested to keep them warm, screen and select them, it is easy to forget that nearly 65% [2 of 3] of all openings are filled through internal movement and referrals, and [surprisingly] job boards are not dead as they help take the total attributed to three sources over 75% [under 11%, a.k.a. 1 in 10]."


Interesting that once again, having a network plays the biggest role in finding new talent, continuing to beat out all other methods of sourcing new hires, including the importance of having a network even when you're working as internal movement Gerry and Mark noted is playing a bigger role in hiring.  Not really surprising if you consider that someone inside an organization already "knows the ropes and the players."  For all the hype, you'd think that job boards and posting your resume would be much, much higher.


A word to the wise: you are a human being with a need for community, you're wired for it.  Build a community of people you know and they you--that's what a community is.  Having one is essential to your well-being, physical, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.  It's where you get and give support.  Don't leave home--or go to work--without it.


-Ken Soper, MA, MDiv, NCDA-recognized Master Career Counselor


[If you like numbers and charts, you might take a look at the full online report.  Be prepared to wade through some marshy numbers as they try to make sense of all the data.  Link:].