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Retirement planning meets stark realities in a flattened world


US News reports that "many workers on the verge of retirement with poorly funded 401(k)s wish they had a traditional pension. But few workers still have access to a retirement plan that will provide guaranteed payments for the rest of their lives. Less than a third (31 percent) of employees were offered a traditional pension at work in 2010, and only 28 percent participated, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Follow this link to find out why we may not receive payments from a traditional pension in retirement.  It's not a fun situation to contemplate, but we all ought to be paying closer attention to it as we look for work and help others do so.  Doing so may help us plan our own futures more intentionally.

    • No union card.
    • You're not a public servant.
    • You work for a small company.
    • You picked a pension-less industry.
    • You job hop.
    • You don't work full-time.
    • You don't live in an area where pensions are prevalent.